Haute Hope

Clustered with a network of non-profits, local businesses, and social entrepreneurs, TrueStory is committed to working together in community for social change and investing in the value and dignity of every individual. From the women who make them, to the women who wear them, our garments represent a culture of compassion, self-discovery, and celebration of hope. Participate in one of our creative retreats or journey groups locally.

Upcycle Couture

Using recycled traditional and indigenous textiles that often include hand-embroidery and beadwork in naturally dyed silk and cottons, the luxurious garments are stunning one-of-a-kind pieces with rich texture and history. Our practices, textiles, and shipping are conscientious of caring for the earth and the communities it hosts.

From the Heart

At TrueStory, fashion happens in family. Our Fashion House, ``House of Heroes,`` provides creative jobs to women from fragile circumstances while celebrating the journey of rediscovering the beauty within. True Story focuses on developing the women’s power to tell another story, celebrating the resilience of women and the beauty of persevering to overcome personal challenges through the creation of unique pieces of clothing.

OUR STORIESAlthough they are only breath, words which I command are immortal. -Sappho


Drawing directly from local designers and the women’s groups themselves, True Story expresses richly evolving historical and social aesthetic.Our “Kaleidoscope Robe” is available for pre-order as part of our new kick-starter in Indonesia

OUR TEAMThe great innovator Dr. Seuss once wrote: 'It’s not about what it is; it’s about what it can become.’

Our Sewing Circles

At TrueStory, fashion happens in family. In partnership with NextStep micro loan program, and supportive local businesses, Each women's cooperative receives sewing machines, training ,and employment in crafting original hand-made garments.

Ethical Fashion

In partnership with design schools, we bring students to work with our seamstress in an exciting collaboration of aesthetic and style. Our co-branding project works with larger labels to produce beautiful designs with a powerful social impact.

Creative Curriculum

Our micro-enterprise model allows a community of women to work and grow together through creative workshops, listening circles and a unique personal growth journey guided by a research-based curriculum.

Handmade Design

Each clothing item is one of a kind piece using hand-embroidered textiles, unique laces and vintage silks.

Tell Us About You

We are looking for collaborators, creators, movers and shakers, visionaries and tea-makers. It takes all types to make good things happen. Drop us a line